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Picture with overview of activities Silvensa 2016 in Maastricht was a BIG success. A total of more than 250 people signed up and had a swell time. On request for Mensa members the report is available, including the end-survey we conducted to evaluate how things went, what to improve and learn from. And of course we asked how we, as the orga-team for 2016 did do. Well: the response was:
40 percent of people gave us a 10 !!!!!!
29 percent a 9 and 22 percent an 8. So we think it is safe to say it was a success. Thank you for participating and making it a great event together with us. Here is a link to the result.

What is Silvensa?
Silvensa is the Mensa End of the Year event, this time in the Netherlands, near the border with Belgium, in Maastricht. A packed program with lots of culture, sporting, history and lectures, and not to forget lots of talking, music and nice company. Silvensa is for Mensa-members, their partner(s), family/children and/or friends. As log as one person of the group is a Mensa member, of a member of Triple9.

Maastricht was appointed as the location of Silvensa2016 in the summer of 2015, as was announced during the Silvensa in Vienna in 2015. Silvensa is the international Mensa New Year's Eve event attended by Mensa members from all over Europe (and sometimes even from outside Europe). It takes place during the last few days of the year and the first day of the next. Previous host cities of the Silvensa event were Warsaw (2014) and Vienna (2015) and now it is time for Maastricht2016.

The Maastricht Orgateam 2016, consisting of Dutch/Belgian and Finnish members, under the supervision of Mensa Netherlands (VMN) and Mensa Belgium, worked hard from december 2015 until June 2016 to make a Silvensa 2016 in Maastricht possible. Together many hundreds of hours of free time was invested by many volunteers to make Silvensa Maastricht 2016 possible. So we hope you like the outcome, the program and all we have put together!

The team has made a program with lots of different activities, social gatherings, workshops and sporting events. And of course at December 31st there is a big New Year's Party.

This year it's the turn of Mensa Netherlands to host this event. A Dutch-Belgian-Finnish team was formed and headed off full speed to make Silvensa 2016 an event to remember!

Last Silvensa in Vienna we already spread some flyers to announce this year’s edition. We chose the Southern Belle of the Netherlands, Maastricht as location for Silvensa 2016. We hope to welcome you there (somewhere) between December 28, 2016 and January 1, 2017 for the happening and celebration!

For people who sleep in a hotel it is possible to enjoy breakfast in the StayOkay if you book this. For children below 2 years of age there is no charge. For children 2-12 year get a 50 percent discount. And... for the New Year's eve party there is a special children price (12 years and under).


We have now 236 participants from 20 countries: Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czech republic, France, Suomi/Finland UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and of course the Netherlands.

The StayOkay beds for December 28th are SOLD OUT (and DEC 29 almost). Therefor all combinations that include Dec28 are disabled. Stay tuned for info.
Booking of paid events and activities: payments need to have reached us no later then December 23st. So pay by iDeal or Paypal/Credit Card whenever possible from now on. When doing a bank wire transfer do not forget to include the 16-digit number (not the letters, the number!)

This site will inform you about this year’s Silvensa in Maastricht, with some things perhaps a bit different this year, but don’t be alarmed: perhaps next year they are back to ‘normal’ . Like the previous years we use an Open Source webstore for our purpose. So please do not be alarmed if it all looks a bit commercial. The intention is to offer you a range of choices to select from, together with a required part: the registration. As soon as you participate in one or more activities or get-togethers at the venue, we ask for a small fee to cover all the organization and general costs like payment for the meeting rooms, this website and other costs. So please make sure you add the registration part to your shopping basket before any other items when you first use the Silvensa 2016 webshop. We will check on this and may refuse further bookings if the registration has not been paid.

The venue is the Stay Okay Maastricht, offering us locations for gatherings, food, and also sleeping accommodation. They only offer bunk beds, but we made arrangements with a nearby hotel for twin and double bed rooms. Maastricht also offers many other places to sleep, ranging from bed & breakfast locations and low-budget up to expensive hotels.

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An time/date overview of all activities is available as a Google Calender. For those who already have a Gmail account: go to your own Calendar - whether you use it or not - and under Other Calendars fill in the case that says "Add a friend's calendar" with, hit Enter and you will have access to it. You do have to go to the last week of December, that is how any calendar works. You can also one time download the events in ICS format, to import into your Google Calender or other calender program. In this case your calender will not be updated with new events and any changes. A calender without using a Google account can be seen at: (you have to manually go to the last week of the year for now).

To help you make the right steps in the right order you can either use the steps list below. Or go to our framed version with step by step help. Click here to get a helpful text on the left, guiding you through the webshop.

Steps to participate:

1) Go to the webshop and accept the red cookie bar & make an account by clicking on SIGN IN on the top right.

2) Book the Registration (participation)

3) View and book the Activities

4) Book Accommodation (at Stayokay or other facility: hotel or Bed & Breakfast)

5) When you are done shopping: click the “proceed to checkout” button in the webshop.
Please limit the total number of payments if possible.

6) You can then pay for the activities with the following payment options:
  • Bank transfer (bank wire, SEPA payment (free from euro-countries)
  • Paypal
  • iDeal
  • and Credit card (through Paypal, also possible without an Paypal account)

Please note that your booking is final once the payment is received by Vereniging Mensa Nederland. This is important for us - and for you - because some activities require a minimum number of participants and some have a maximum number. The order of received payments is decisive. For other rules that apply to your booking we refer to the terms and conditions.


More information

  • Emergency and help information can be found at

  • Maastricht on Wikipedia
  • Info about the city, it's rich history of about 2500 years, containing 1677 national heritage sites (highest after Amsterdam) and much more.

  • More about Maastricht
  • The city's portal with much information about Maastricht and it's direct surroundings.

  • How to travel there
  • You can come by car, bus, plane, perhaps walk or take a bicycle. Much information about how to get to Maastricht is included in this item. Please book your place early when prices are low.

  • 2017 Silvensa and beyond
  • The MAASTRICHT Silvensa 2016 team only acts on this 2016 Silvensa in Maastricht (as may be clear).

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