Welcome to silvensa.eu
For reference purpose this website is replacing the now obsolete booking website.
This End of The Year Event was held in Maastricht from Dec 28th 2016 until Jan 02 2017.
After the event a survey was held and you can find here the survey results. As Orga-team 40 percent of the people gave us a 10 as rating (32% a 9 and 22% a 8, so 95% 8-10).

For those interested in knowing more about we did do the organizing and the results (lessons learned) we also have a report you can ask for: we can send it to you if you are a current member. Please email to silvensa2016s_hb at-sign doorhet.net. This report is also available to IBD, the international events coordinator and the boards of Mensa NL and B. But again: ask for it and we will send it to you.

Silvensa, the European Mensa New Year's Party. It can be seen as the successor of the Mensa Silvester parties of Mensa Germany, which were held until 2013. Silvensa became international in 2014 and attracted guests from over 18 different countries.
Silvensa Maastricht 2016 attracted more than 250 participants form over 20 countries.
There were successful Silvensa events in Warsaw (2014), Vienna (2015) and Maastricht (2016). In 2017 Silvensa it was in Warsaw again and for 2018 Bratislava is foreseen.

In Münster (Germany) there will be THE international MENSA Silvester2018 End of the Year Party from December 28 2018 to 01 January 2019. More info on Facebook page MensaSilvester2018.

the Events website at https://silvester2018.mensa.de/en/start/. Booking of events started Sunday Oct 28th 2018. Before starting to book events please either log-in or register at the top left of the page of the booking site.
For any other future events, please have a look at www.mensa.ch/silvensa.

And here is an overview of all international events as registered by the international events coordinator.